Over the last twenty-five years, Mr. Ramsaroop, Etegra’s Chief Operating Officer, has been a leading member for start-ups and large corporations – leading teams and developing technical solutions in a wide range of industries. Paul has been a leading technical visionary in health care applications, particularly focused on federal agencies. Prior to Etegra, he was a founding member of Evolvent Technologies, Inc., serving in various positions of increasing responsibility within Evolvent, and finally taking over the operations group in 2004. Paul also served as President of Evolvent from 2005 to its acquisition by Mantech International in 2012.

Prior to Evolvent, he worked for more than fifteen years in the IT field with several well-known companies, including McDonnell-Douglas, Boeing, Intellidyne, and Maryville Technologies. He also served as CTO of a dotcom startup, HealthCPR, which championed a personal health bank a few years before its time. Post Evolvent, Paul has successfully served as an investor/entrepreneur launching several successful business ventures and contributing significantly to several others.