Mr. Reynolds is passionate about realizing exceptional buildings and environments that serve each client’s goals and mission. More than ever, this means working “smarter, faster” — that is, taking a long view on, user satisfaction, and building performance.  John measures his career according to the ongoing success of his clients and the lasting value his projects provide over time.

Joining Etegra in 2015 he has contributed to the ongoing, evolving, diverse, project types that the Etegra team has been involved in.  With over twenty years’ experience in health, science, hospitality, and government projects, John brings in-depth insight to every engagement and delivers solutions that are informed by input from the complete organization.  For example, for spaces of healing, the environments created are special, in that they require a setting that both comforts the weary and provides functional efficiencies that optimize productivity, and performance.  John believes designing places for healing, research, learning, recreation, and living serve as the prime motivation, and the successful completion of these spaces is the reward for the effort.

John’s leadership role takes advantage of his diverse experience and reflects his belief that effective management of technology and teams is increasingly critical as design, engineering, and construction become more integrated.  John studied architecture at Saint Louis Community College, and is a member of the AIA.