Mr. Preston has over 35 years of experience in the rural and urban transportation and
traffic engineering fields and federal levee design projects for Federal ECSO projects; CBP

Prior to joining Etegra, Mr. Preston had 19 years of experience with the Texas
Department of Transportation in highway design and construction, planning and right-of-
way, with the last 10 years as District Traffic Operations Engineer for two TxDOT

Mr. Preston’s program and project management experience includes of light rail transit design and highway
projects, schematic, right-of- way, traffic operations, levees, hydraulics, highway projects in both Imperial and
Metric units; utility accommodation; as well as development of plans, specifications and estimates (PS&E),
construction management, utility accommodation, functional designs, quality control inspection and budget.
Mr. Preston’s primary focus on all projects was how the project could be constructed without adverse impact
to cost in order to develop proper construction schedule. His construction experience includes construction
management, inspection, laboratory design and testing, and quality compliance on large complex and medium
highway projects. Also, monitored and documented conformance to quality, performance, safety and code
requirements; prepared action plans for resolution of issues, information for submittals, RFIs, and other
technical documentation; reviewed contract submittals; and, examined workmanship of finished installations
for standard conformity and approve installation
Mr. Preston accomplishments are executed through a strong quality control/quality assurance management of
projects. He creates design quality management plans for design and design-build projects.
His strong record of nurturing client relationships, creating constructible innovative designs and bring
projects on time and within budget have continued to make him a sought-after engineer.