Mr. Bruce Levitt graduated with a Bachelor of Architectural Engineering from University of Kansas in 1978.  In 1980, Bruce received his Master’s in Architectural Engineering from KU. His studies led him to a career that has focused on the integration of mechanical and electrical systems in buildings and energy efficiency.

Bruce’s career can be summarized in three phases. The first 10 to 15 years was spent evaluating existing buildings, studying their operations, and making and justifying recommendations to save energy.  This gave him extensive experience in the design of various systems and actions to make these systems more energy efficient.  He also spent a large amount of time observing installations and what can go right and wrong.  Mr. Levitt spent the next 10 years working on project management, client relations and designing innovative and energy efficient buildings.  He justified a 6 MW cogeneration system, designed unique habitats, and conceived MEPF systems in major structures throughout the region.  Recently Bruce has been responsible for representing his firm in private and public venues and representing clients to the firm while structuring the MEPF systems in his practice.  His background has also given him the ability to solve systems problems in buildings and recommend corrective actions.  Mr. Levitt has been the concept and managing mechanical engineer on 4 LEED Platinum buildings.

Bruce now specializes in architectural/engineering evaluation of environmental factors relevant to building design and performance.  His design concepts balance constructability, energy effectiveness, maintenance, and system life.  His designs have demonstrated significantly reduced operating costs and substantial life cycle savings over conventional concepts without affecting project cost.

Bruce’s specialties continued to grow into performing economic feasibility analyses of alternative energy sources and evaluates mechanical system modifications to existing buildings.  He has served as project manager for renovation projects involving the rehabilitation and retrofits of historic facilities.  Further responsibilities include the design of heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems for an array of building types.  He has extensive experience in HVAC system evaluation, selection and design including on-floor vs. central air distribution, evaporative vs. conventional cooling, humidification alternatives, thermal storage systems, and chilled water storage systems.

Finally, Bruce is a LEED Accredited Professional and has provided oversight on many LEED certified projects including four Platinum Awarded Projects. His work focuses on high level engineering and project development.  He has provided many building energy reports focusing on various aspects of MEPFSC engineering systems, energy studies, utility rate analysis, including gas, electrical and water consumption.

Bruce joined Etegra to build an MEPF Division. He brings nearly 40 years of experience as a Consulting Engineer, with a history of designing some of the most recognized, innovative, and energy efficient buildings in this area.