West Hills Community Church – A Youth Fellowship and Education Building


Catering to the needs of families and to adolescents and teenagers in particular was the focus of West Hills’ mission when we programmed and designed their addition. But because a new sanctuary is also in the future for this growing congregation we began by looking at the overall picture of what the church might be like in ten or fifteen years before locating and designing the addition. As with other churches and most types of buildings the design of an addition is to be carefully contemplated because it can either create problems of function or appearance or it can solve them.

Etegra is a Minority-owned, Certified 8(a) and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)
DUNS: 007812477
DBE/MBE Certification: MO, IL, KS, TN --- Architectural Registrations: MO, IL, KS, IA (NCARB)