Etegra worked with Dawson to survey 7 .2 million square feet and update the DLA’s data-management system. To ensure the utmost quality and reliability of our work, our ten-person team divided into smaller groups that each surveyed areas of specialty.

The DLA’s data-management system contained only 7,000 line items, but we collected more than 21,000 during our survey. So we created custom spreadsheets that the government’s maintenance team can use to input the data they need into their enterprise business system. Our team prepared updated sheets to record functional locations, equipment, and maintenance plans. We also performed quality-assurance checks against all the data we collected and were supplied with.

With more robust and organized data, the DLA can better evaluate the status of its infrastructure. This allows the DLA to track the deterioration of equipment so they can act quickly and prevent a problem from even developing.

Etegra is a Minority-owned, Certified 8(a) and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)
DUNS: 007812477
DBE/MBE Certification: MO, IL, KS, TN --- Architectural Registrations: MO, IL, KS, IA (NCARB)